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Espresso, Bakery and Fun at 'Lil Red's'

27 Jun 2019
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Coffee and vacation go hand in hand……heck, coffee and everything go hand in hand.  In a coffee driven world we see many inventive ways to serve up that black gold, super food that many of us cannot begin a day (or any activity) without.  “Hold on, my coffee is almost ready” rings through my house as I am heading for the next carpool run, homework question, meal prep, you name it.  It is my lifesaver and my God given right as a mother to sip happily, greedily and contently on my favorite mug and feel the calm come over me as I begin my next task.  Ok, might be a little exaggerated, but it is truly my guilty pleasure and I cherish it.  Recently we were taking in the beauty of the Lake Wenatchee area near Leavenworth (Heaven!!!), kids and pups in tow, and to my absolute delight, in the most unexpected place, I looked up and saw the most beautiful sight in the form of a Lil Red truck (Hence the name, Lil Red's), right next to an adorable Espresso stand.  As my vehicle made a sudden correction along the road to our next adventure, I gave in to the urge and we enjoyed the best ‘coffee experience” we have had anywhere, bar none.  The kids were thrilled by the massive homemade baked cookies.  The sandwiches were simply amazing (reminded me of the ‘sammies’ I enjoyed in France, panini style yummines) The dogs were treated to a puppacino and a cookie treat and I was back in the loving folds of my favorite brew.  Furthermore, a personal message scrawled on my cup (I wont give it away as they are personally made and part of the experience so you need to go get your own message) that set me on my way with a giggle and a smile.     Oh Leavenworth, Lake Wenatchee, you are so blessed to have these lovely ladies (I could write about them for days!!) serving you so well!!!  Please be good to them, they will happily make your day and your brew, with love and a smile.