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Leavenworth Restaurants

23 Jul 2021
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NW Culinary Immersion | A Leavenworth Restaurants Sampler

Arguably the most fascinating aspect of any vacation is finding new things. After all, isn’t that why we plan retreats and getaways in the first place? The most discerning travel enthusiasts will say the best way to immerse yourself in a new city or town is to sample some of their finest quintessential cuisines. Furthermore, getting a taste of your favorite dish at a newfound eatery is a rite of passage for many culinary tourists. Despite being a relatively small city, the collection of restaurants in Leavenworth offer a unique dining experience, and NW Comfy Cabins would like to share a few of their favorite picks to give you some food for thought.

5 Must-Try Leavenworth Restaurants

Although Leavenworth is a quaint mountain town, there are a variety of restaurants to consider. The best eateries in our neck of the woods make this region a desirable vacation spot. We’re confident that you’ll find at least a couple of establishments worth revisiting, maybe even before you leave!


  • Mozart’s European and PNW Cuisine is dubbed “The European Steakhouse with an American Heart” and offers innovative takes on seasonal specialties. This gourmet restaurant has been a Leavenworth staple for over 20 years.

  • 59er Diner is where the old-school charm of the 50s never ends. With an all-day breakfast menu, gigantic milkshakes, and a retro jukebox, 59er Diner might be the most exciting restaurant in Leavenworth! Be sure to try one of their “Two-Napkin” Burgers.

  • Andreas Keller Restaurant is a charming family-run establishment that offers an exquisite taste of Bavaria combined with imported draft beers, live entertainment, and plenty of Gemutlichkeit.

  • Visconti’s of Leavenworth provides fine Italian dining with a dash of the Pacific Northwest. From wild prawns to wood-fired steaks, Visconti’s will not disappoint!

  • SOUTH Latin Food and Drink brings the taste of California to Leavenworth with an impressive selection of eclectic entrees like Mission Burritos, Baja Fish Tacos, and Argentine Steak. They even have margaritas to go!

Vacation Cabin Rentals in Leavenworth, Washington

Now that you have a few ideas up your sleeve, deciding which Leavenworth restaurants to visit first should be easy as pie! Whether you choose to dine-in or takeout, you’ll have a comfy place to sleep off your meal with NW Comfy Cabins’ stunning collection of lodging options. For more detailed information to plan your trip, please reach out to us online or call 509-763-0180 today!