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Memory making opportunities: fishing on Fish Lake

5 Apr 2019
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Fish Lake

Never having been too interested in fishing just for fishing itself, I wanted my kids to at least have a chance to experience what it is like to be patient and feel the calming influence that fishing has on life in general, simply because of the moments that come along with it.  I always saw fishing as time well spent, with or without a pole of my own, because it was time that was shared with my grand-dad when no one else was around…that was what made fishing worthwhile to me.  If we were lucky that day, gramps would catch his fill and I would have heard a few more tales (or some old ones slightly altered but always entertaining) about ‘days gone by’.  Since Granddad isn’t here to share those moments with my ‘littles’, I still wanted to pass those types of memories down to my kids.  Fish Lake has provided a opportunity to recreate those special moments and impart the feeling of gliding undisturbed along a glassy lake, early in the morning and truly being ‘present’ without distraction.  As I regaled my kids with my childhood memories of bald eagles catching their breakfast and toussleing with the Osprey over ‘fishing rights’ we notice an otter barely leaving a ripple as he swims along the shore, no doubt searching for his first meal of the day….I realize that my job is well done and my kids are charting memories of their own, that I hope they will cherish just enough to take the time pass to their grandkids and those of future generations.