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Staying cool with the kiddos

5 Apr 2019
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What to do with kids while in Leavenworth:


When we are in Leavenworth, we walk the streets and remember the many adventure that we have had and how they have evolved since we first began coming here.  The kids were ‘littles’ then, and we were always looking for ways to enjoy family time.  Many a hot summer day was spent at Nason creek floating the short rapids where the kids could run back and forth as they ride the shallow river past all of us adults basking in the sun.  It was so easy to find little private beach areas, that to this day, the kids (all grown now), still consider ‘our private spot’ .    We would generally end the day with a milk shake from the 59er diner.  Admittedly, that might be our second trip there in a day because breakfast, lunch or dinner, at the dinner, was a must for every weekend.   Oh the memories the old 59er provided our families.   We are only now beginning to make new memories now that the diner has been rebuilt from the fire and becoming familiar again.  


When we wanted to spend the day in town, we would often pack up a picnic and spend afternoons at the city pool.   Long before it was made into the adorable water park that it is today, the kids would splash and enjoy a pool day, while we occupied a lounge chair and relaxed in the sun.  People watching, as the other vacationers stroll along by, the atmosphere is always one of enjoyment and fun.  At the end, the kiddos tuckered out, we would go back to the cabins and prepare for an evening of cocktails around the fire, s’mores and stories.  It really never got old.


Then we found the River Park along the backside of town.  The walk to the rivers edge echoed with tales of  bears hiding in the woods.   Of course, one of the dads would stage himself somewhere behind a tree, somehow capturing a moment when the bears seemed not be hungry that particular day, and all thought of being eaten slipped away, out pops a scary beast and sets 4 little girls a screaming.   Fear and fantasy lives on for the next trip to river park.   


Last but not least, day trips to Chelan water park.  This became an annual event and one that was widely anticipated by kids and adults alike.  Another picnic lunch, sun screen, towels and we were off.   Running in circles from the bottom to the top of the next slide, and the joyous screams as each one made it to the bottom, one after another.   These are the things that summers are made of.