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15 Nov 2018
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The holidays always seem to rush in like a whirlwind. One minute we are laying out in the hot sunshine, playing lawn games and BBQing a classic burger and the next minute, the cold winds bring a change of scenery. Lush foliage and greenery is exchanged for the crisp, warm golds, burgandy and sienna tones of autumn. 

It is a time to dig your coziest sweater out of the back of the closet, pour a steaming cup of tea and curl up with a good book next to a crackling fire. It is a time to slow down, to reflect and to plan for the gatherings of family and friends. 

Some families stay home for Thanksgiving, traveling to their grandmother's familiar home as they have done for years and years. Others might opt for a more unconvential holiday trip. We welcome families from near or far, large or small groups to enjoy what it means to count your blessings and join together for good food and laughter. So though it might seem odd at first, there are several reasons a vacation rental would be a top choice for your Thanksgiving gathering!


A regular suburban house is not settle in the gorgeous landscape of the Cascade Mountains or set lakeside where you can watch an American Bald Eagle dip to catch a trout. The quite rustle of the wind through towering pines and the babbling of the icy stream over a brook is the perfect serenade for the day.


Out of town family has to sleep somewhere when they visit and your great Aunt Hilda might not appreciate an air bed in the living room. But there is a home for every size with beds for everyone. Whether it is just you and your significant other celebrating an intimate day or a family of 15, there can be space for everyone. 


A hike through the glorious fall foliage, a beer tasting in Downtown Leavenworth or a star-lined soak in the hot tub, the unique choice to travel away from home brings out its only special memories to be made. 


How great is not cleaning up! You just drive off at the end of the holiday and we will take care of the rest! 


Being the host can be an exhausting honor. Even when everyone shares the cooking they don’t share cleaning the house and preparing for a group sleepover.  When you rent a house, everyone is a guest and no one person will be in charge of making beds, putting out towels, setting the table or cleaning up.