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Traveling with pets.

5 Apr 2019
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Tips for traveling with pets.

Getting away for a weekend is always so much fun.   Bringing my pups makes it even better.  Not all cabins will allow my fur babies, and while that is totally understandable, it is also harder for me to find a place that fits my needs and provides a safe and comfortable place to relax, adventure and still have time with my babies.   One of the best options we have discovered is the Leavenworth Pet Lodge and Grooming.  They are a wonderful place to keep my pets when they are not out hiking and spending time adventuring with us (when we are at a non-pet friendly, or not secure pet location) and my pets love it.  They also provide additionally, grooming and other pet services.    The cost is preferable to boarding on the west side of the mountains and I have the confidence that they are safe, nearby, and when I pick them up, they are clean and happy.   So I can still travel with my girls, enjoy the places that we love to stay, and take them out for fun and adventure as well.  It is a vacation for all of us.