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Weddings in Leavenworth

11 Jun 2021
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Intimate Celebrations: Planning a Micro Wedding

The last year or so has ushered in a new way of planning events as the need for smaller gatherings remains crucial, and weddings are no exception. For many couples, the “perfect wedding” has come to mean an entire weekend of elaborate activities, a massive guest list, and extravagant decorations. And while it certainly may be a dream come true to have all of your friends and family present for your special day, a micro wedding presents the perfect opportunity to host an intimate celebration with only your closest loved ones. If you and your partner are considering an elopement, but don’t want to let go of tradition, then a micro wedding in Leavenworth, Washington, maybe the ticket. Speckled throughout the areas of Leavenworth, Plain, Lake Wenatchee, and Fish Lake, NW Comfy Cabins has an impressive assortment of cabins and vacation rentals that will serve as extraordinary lodging options for you and your guests. 

What is a Micro Wedding Anyway?

Given their relatively recent rise in popularity, you may be wondering, “What the heck is a micro wedding?” As the name implies, a micro wedding is a scaled-back version of a more significant ceremony, usually made of less than 30 guests. And although elopements are generally very intimate, they aren’t typically considered a micro wedding. The main difference being that micro weddings are more akin to a traditional celebration, while elopements have no guidelines beyond the legally binding contract between the couple. 

5 Tips to Help Maximize Your Micro Wedding

Just because you may want a smaller ceremony doesn’t mean you can’t have any fun! Here are a few tips to make the most of your special day, no matter the size:


  • A smaller guest list means you can focus more on the details of your ceremony. Saving money on all the extra food and libations should significantly free up your budget, so there is no shame in spending a little extra on decor. 

  • Pull out all the stops for your dining options and work close with your caterer to create a custom menu.

  • Since you won’t have as many people in attendance, you can spend a little extra on those who are there by incorporating thank you gifts.

  • Upgrade your bar and offer your guests a pre-ceremony cocktail to kick things off.

  • Splurge on the ultimate table top with elegant china, cutlery, and monogrammed linens.

Leavenworth Wedding Venues

One of the most noteworthy aspects to consider when deciding to have a Leavenworth wedding is the seemingly endless supply of places to get married. Thankfully, NW Comfy Cabins has accommodations near some of the most popular Leavenworth wedding venues and is happy to give you and your guests the perfect resting place before and after the big day. Here are some of our favorite venues:



Romantic Cabins in Leavenworth, Washington

Now that you have a better idea of what a micro wedding is, we hope you’ve come to realize that you can still have a memorable celebration! At NW Comfy Cabins, we pride ourselves on providing a unique lodging experience that makes you feel at home. Why settle for a boring hotel when you can wow your guests with a Washington vacation rental in the heart of the Cascades? For more information on how we can accommodate your special day, please continue to browse our website or call us at 509-763-0180. Be sure to ask about our wedding promo code for discounted stays!