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Ziplining in Leavenworth

11 Jun 2021
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Soaring Amid the Forest | Ziplining in Leavenworth 

Leavenworth, Washington, just over two hours from Seattle, is an outdoor enthusiast’s playground. From casual hikes to white water rafting, there is no shortage of things to do for those with a penchant for fresh air, wilderness, and wide-open space. One of the newest adventures to gain attention in Leavenworth over the last few years is ziplining. With such idyllic scenery found in the Cascade Mountains, we’re not surprised that so many travelers consider ziplining as an excellent way to go sightseeing! Scattered throughout our beloved alpine community, NW Comfy Cabins has an exciting collection of vacation rentals that will undoubtedly serve as the perfect basecamp for your next vacation. To help acclimate you to this adrenaline-inducing endeavor, we put together a quick guide that will maximize your summer getaway experience.

Things to Do in Leavenworth | Zipline Adventure Guide

Whether you’re a solo adventurer, a pair of lovebirds or a family seeking your next unforgettable vacation, ziplining in Leavenworth is sure to be memorable. If you’ve never been on a zipline or canopy tour, you’re in for a treat! But first, we want to share a few tips on what to expect.


The most experienced zippers will tell you to have a comfortable outfit that isn’t too loose. The idea is to have mobility without any extra clothing flopping around. Having a tie or band to tuck it back for anyone with long hair will be ideal as an extra precaution. Next, it may be tempting to have the air blowing through your toes, but sandals pose a minor safety concern, so you’ll want sturdy hiking boots or shoes to protect your feet. Since most courses continue operations throughout light rain or cool temperatures, it’s never a bad idea to check the weather report to determine if you need to reschedule or dress accordingly. Finally, don’t be apprehensive about asking questions, as all outdoor professionals and outfitters want you to enjoy yourself and will undoubtedly address your inquiries to the best of their knowledge. 

Leavenworth Ziplines | Your Premier Canopy Tour Outfitters

Now that you’re ready to hit the zips, you’ll need to find a reputable place to go! Considered by many as one of the top-rated zipline operations in Washington, Leavenworth Ziplines offers some of the most picturesque vistas in the Evergreen State. From ridge to ridge, the Beaver Creek Valley is a gorgeous span that exemplifies the greater Leavenworth area. Selecting from two tours, one with five lines and another with nine, you’ll be in good hands for this daring feat. Children must be at least seven years old to participate, and an adult must accompany anyone under 15. After spending a couple of hours with Leavenworth Ziplines, you’ll never look at sightseeing the same way!

Washington State Vacation Rentals in Leavenworth

Now that you have the necessary details for ziplining in Leavenworth, we invite you to explore our stunning assortment of vacation cabin rentals. If you have a yearning for mountain air in a lush and welcoming atmosphere, then look no further than NW Comfy Cabins. We take pride in delivering unwavering service, affordable prices, and an eclectic inventory ranging from one-bedroom cottages to five-bedroom lodges. What’s more, we also feature a selection of pet-friendly cabins for those of you with four-legged friends. To learn more or book a reservation, please reach out to us online or call 509-763-0180 today!