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Camping and memory making, Lake Wenatchee and Leavenworth

18 Jun 2019
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When the weather finally settles into a pattern of warm summer nights under starry skies, it's hard not to think about camping trips and getting out in nature.  No better place than Lake Wenatchee, Plain or Leavenworth.  Although camping is a broad term, the whole idea of 'camping' opens up so many memories but can be a challenge to fit into our busy schedules. It is not always easy to pack and get organized for a weekend camping trip, so considering a cabin can be really appealing.  There are numerous cabins to choose from that will take you back to the 'gool ole' days and remind you of visiting grand parents, playing til the sun goes down, fishing off a dock, trolling from the back of a row boat, s'mores and those starry nights.  Many shining moments of my childhood are easily recalled whenever I daydream of summer camping trips.  While crowed campgrounds actually have a flavor all their own (and drum up a multitude of happy memories), the idea of recreating family getaways can be daunting simply trying to manage all the gear and necessary items.  I love being able to choose cabins in various areas that have all that we need already on site and available for our use.  The kids love to choose their beds before tossing their stuff down and heading outside.  We love teaching them some of the outdoor games that we enjoyed with our cousins (kick the can) and even cooking up some of the comfort foods we inhaled after playing hard and running free.  As we grow older, recalling these moments became part of our family holiday gatherings, to reminisce about these adventures, laugh out loud and buildi on the stories year after year.  My kids reminded me just the other day, the best part of family, was sitting around the table at Thanksgiving or Christmas and re-hashing the memories of childhood moments and adventures.  They bond us to one another and keep our feet planted on the ground.  Memories cannot be bought and cannot be shared around the dinner table, unless they actually happened and we were all there to remember them later.