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Home schoolers Learning outside, in nature, the surest way to have fun while learning

19 Jun 2019
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There is no beter way to teach your kids, than to encourage first hand education.  I loved home schooling and my kids still recall the many things that they learned while exploring the world and digging into their environment.   The wildlife and nature opportunities for learning are endless and come to life so easily when you are out experiencing it all for your self.  I love to plant an idea and then give the kids the place to seek the answers directly through exploration.  Presenting ideas and facts to them, and then unleashing them in a place that offers the practical answers in a real life setting, is putting the power of discovery in their little hands.  My kids loved to find "owl dropings' and were facinated by the 'real life adventure' of uncovering skeletons of field mice within that 'find'.  Or coming across bear scat and identifying the life style of the bears simply by what they found within that as well.   The excitement they experienced in these simple days were the beginning of a lifetime love of learning, that they exhibit even today.  It was amazing how many things they would uncover for themselves and then insist on learning more about these things they saw once we got home.  It sparked so many ways for me to teach them and they took the lead most of the time with eager excitment and anticipation, making it simple to teach them far beyond my intended plan and they retained the details and information so competely.  One day in the woods provided weeks worth of educational matterials for us to take home and continue to discover and learn about. No better classroom than nature.   Having the chance to live these experiences even though our real life in the city, made nature, wildlife and exploration such a tangible and effective way for my kids to learn and grow.   There are so many great reasons to come to Lake Wenatchee and Leavenworth, the experiences are endless.   Home schoolers welcome!!!