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Fly Fishing

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Enjoy a day of learning to Fly Fish from a professional. Whether solo, or with a friend, let Doug teach you the basic knowledge and skills you need on the water.  No experience is necessary and no fishing license is required: just come as you are and join Doug for a half-day or more of fly fishing fun and learning! Inquire on our "Stay and Play packages with NW Fly Fish Academy." 

NorthWest Fly Fishing Academy was voted "Best Fishing Guide in the NW."


NEW FOR 2016

  1. NWFFA ALUMNI REFRESHER - I know a lot of our past fly fishing clients could use a refresher, so I’m offering ½ off my Introduction to Fly Fishing morning class (a savings of $75 per person) to any NWFFA alumni who registers for my all-new day-long Learn to Fly Fish in a Day lesson (see details below). 7- Hrs. (min 2 full-fare adults)
  2. 20% DISCOUNT FOR GROUPS – With as few as just four adults, I’ll give everyone a 20% discount off lessons (a savings of $30 per person) and 20 % off ½- day or full-day walk-n-wade guided fishing  (min 4 adults).
  3. HALF PRICE FOR KIDS - Let’s get the next generation of fly fishers started. It’s time to you the kids into fly fishing! I’ll do my part by offering 50% off lessons for kids under 18 years. All you need is two adults to sign up and it’s ½ off for each kid. I’ll extend the same offer for walk-n-wade guided fishing trips. (min 2 full-fare adults)
  4. LEARN TO FLY FISH IN A DAY – A full day of lessons which gives you all the hands-on knowledge and on-stream casting skills needed to become a successful independent fly angler. The morning segment introduces all the basics: definitions, concepts, food trout eat and the types of flies that imitate food items on a trout’s menu. You’ll learn how to cast a fly line and the first presentation cast. The graduation exercise is to put it all together by casting to, playing, landing and then releasing a live rainbow trout entirely “on your own”. Mid-day I’m including a free seminar to deepen students’ understanding of aquatics insects, “bugs” that comprise most items in a trout’s diet. Students will view footage of insects underwater, then “wader up” and head to the river to collect, identify and observe live aquatic insects in their natural habitat. In the afternoon segment, they’ll learn three exciting casts and four line management techniques to achieve longer drag-free drifts - the key to catching more trout on moving water. Learn to Fly Fish in a Day will enable beginning fly casters to becoming successful independent fly anglers. Full Day - $295 per person (min 2).
  5. LESSON & GUIDED FISHING - ALL IN A DAY -  For those who only have one day and want to “do it all”, I have combined a morning lesson with an afternoon of on-stream guided fishing. The key to success in this exciting introduction to fly fishing is that I’ll be with the student every step of the way, showing them the tricks and tips that make fly fishing fun and easy. Everything is provided for fishing a local mountain stream for wild rainbows… all in a day. All day - $325 per person (min 2).
  6. DOUBLE YOUR FLY FISHING FUN! This one is for your experienced fly anglers: Most don’t know that the “Spey” technique of casting applies just as much to casting a single handed rod as it does to those big double-handed rods. Here’s their chance to up their fly fishing game to a new level:
  • Learn to cast your trout rod in challenging situations where others simple can’t - like where NO back cast is possible… but you’re out there 50 ft. No problem!
  • Launch that big bushy streamer amazing distances to entice that trophy trout to strike
  • Learn to cast a double-handed rod to swing a Skagit line for 20lb steelhead… it’s what everyone is doing these days! Isn’t it time to step us and join the serious angler and double your fly fishing fun! 3 Hrs. $150 per person (min 2).
  1. This one if for YOU - IT’S TIME TO GET HER INTO FLY FISHING – You and/or and your reservations staff: I’m teaming up with Trout Unlimited to offer a free Introduction to Fly Fishing Lesson on Saturday, June 11th.  Space is limited, so be sure to mark your calendar and call now to make your reservations. Remember: women only (teen and older please). 3- Hr. Lesson - It’s FREE!